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Photos and records can play a vital role in helping to fill in the missing blanks of ancestral research. To submit images and/or records to our interactive archives, please upload them to our Facebook page by following  this link.

When you upload an image, please include as much detailed information as you are able. Feel free to tag others and add captions, as well.

We also have a Flickr account where visitors can submit and/or peruse albums of  photos, Bible and military records, and other forms of ephemera of an unknown (or partially unknown) nature. To add an image to our Flikr page, p lease submit the photo and information to [email protected]. We accept jpg, gif, pdf, png, eps, bmp, and tif files. To view our Flickr page, you will need to create a personal Flikr account and then "follow" our page.

We will upload the items to Flickr and assign each one a number. If you have pertinent information about an item in our archives, please email it to us, along with the corresponding number for the item. We suggest you include the following information, when possible:

1)  In group photos, identify names of people by starting with the back row (left to right), and in the same manner for additional rows. Even if you can identify only one person in a group, the information can be helpful.

2)  The photographer's name and the city in which he/she worked.

3)  Identification of the geographical terrain in the photo.

4)  Where you obtained the photo/material, e.g. relative, antique or thrift shop, online, etc.