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family tree,ancestry,genealogy,research

About Us

family tree,ancestry,genealogy,research
Lineage Lookers Robert "Bob" Ausbourne & Mary Susan Caldwell Wilkie are professional genealogists with 70 years of combined experience in genealogical research. They share a passion for ancestry and spending time with one another -- and recently got engaged. They have combined their gifts to create "Lineage Lookers," and are committed to offering affordable services to anyone wanting to trace their family roots.
Bob Ausbourne
I was born on 3 October 1943 in Glendale, California, to a father who was raised in Wisconsin and a mother who hailed from Oklahoma.
I was a curious kid, and began asking questions about my family's background at a very early age. By the time I turned 20, I started off on a lifelong genealogical quest. I gleaned much of our family’s history from my three living grandparents and a great-grandmother –- all of whom were a wealth of information. I frequently visited genealogical libraries and traveled the trek from whence my ancestors came, uncovering even more fascinating history.

I had such a great love for genealogy that I published a magazine, The Genealogical Acorn in the late 1960's. Being young and “wet behind the ears,” I soon learned that a magazine has to make the bulk of its money via advertising, not subscriptions. Though the publication received high critical acclaim, it was short lived. 
Much of my career was spent in advertising sales, but, in 1980, my wife and I decided to open a termite and pest control company, which consumed most of our time and attention for the next 17 years. After selling the business, we semi-retired, running a booth at the local flea market near Tampa. It was during this time that I began helping others trace their roots, procuring clients via Ebay ads. I have created well over 400 family trees on and have received more than 700 positive feedback remarks on my Ebay account (and 0 negatives!)
I am fortunate to have shared 33 wonderful years of marriage with my late wife Linda, with whom I have 3 children. Linda shared my love for genealogy, and she became quite proficient in research and charting trees for clients. After a valiant, 5-year battle with ovarian cancer, Linda passed away in January 2015.
In December of 2015, I happened to get a call from a past client of ours. Susan needed help with a GEDCOM file, and through our correspondence, we developed a friendship. She is now my partner in this venture -- and my fiancée! Susan has been working on her own genealogy for nearly 20 years and has worked on many charts for friends and relatives. I am a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, with 18 years of experience as a professional genealogist (50 years, if you count the pursuit of my own ancestors!).
As a team, we are very adept at researching any area of the United States, but prefer to steer clients toward other, more knowledgeable professionals in areas outside the U.S. We can work on any type of project, but prefer to start private charts on, and then invite you to view them. If you have already undertaken this venue, we can have you invite us as co-editor of your chart and proceed from there. We don't mind trying to tackle those “brick wall” situations, but must remind you that we only conduct computer research. However, sometimes a "fresh pair of eyes" can view something in an entirely different light. For those of you with very little family data, we suggest that you start by asking questions of older family members, especially for vital info such as birth, death, and marriage dates/locations.
​​Susan Wilkie 
​Greetings! I’m Mary Susan Caldwell Wilkie, born 16 Jan 1945 in Greensboro, Guilford County, NC. My parents were William H. and Mildred Perkins Caldwell. Dad was one of 11 children and Mom was one of 9. These large families were each very loving and close their entire lives, keeping faith and family at the center of their lives. They shared a work ethic and were steady and loyal employees. They served their country in various military branches, going as far back as the Civil and Revolutionary Wars.
Mother's sister, Ruth Perkins Wicker, was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and a family historian. I have fond memories of large, happy family reunions prior to my graduation from high school, as well as frequent trips to visit Grandma Perkins and a plethora of aunts, uncles, and cousins in various locations.
Sometime after 1959, my Dad bought a book by Col. Pinckney D. McElwee, The Genealogy of William McElwee, II, of Clarks Fork of Bullocks Creek, York County, South Carolina. It detailed the lineage of William McElwee, II, who emigrated from Ireland to York County, SC in 1750. This was my Dad's family line and he was so proud to share this with me and my two brothers; I was hooked from that moment on!
My interests changed once I left home for college and began nursing school at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Upon graduation, I worked at Duke Hospital in Durham, NC, and soon met my husband. We moved to Chatham County, NC, and had two sons. Years later, we divorced, and, after the boys finished school and left for college, I began looking once again at my "roots" while continuing to work in the nursing field.
In 2001, my sons introduced me to computers and the internet. I've learned so much since that time, and have enjoyed conducting ancestral searches for friends and family. I have started many trees on, and am an editor on several others. I truly love family research and believe that EVERY LIFE HAS A STORY. My life and knowledge have been enriched by knowing and working with Bob Ausbourne, whom I consider a true genealogist researcher.