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Welcome to Lineage Lookers! We are a team of professional genealogists devoted to family tree research. As the owners of this site, we thrill in the pursuit of finding your “missing” ancestors, almost as much as finding our own! We love our work, and try to keep rates as low as possible for clients (check our rates here), with the goal of staying active in the field of genealogical research while helping others.
Bob is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists. He has 18 years of experience as a professional genealogist, and over 50 years in pursuing his own forbearers. Susan has been working on her own genealogy for nearly 20 years and has started many charts on for friends and relatives.
We are very adept at working any area of the United States, but prefer to steer clients toward other, more knowledgeable professionals for areas outside of the U.S. We can work on any type of project, but prefer to start private charts on and then invite you to view them. If you have already undertaken this venue, we can have you invite us as a co-editor of your chart and proceed from there. We don't mind tackling those “brick wall” situations, but must remind you that we do only computer research and may have no more success than you've had. However, sometimes a "fresh pair of eyes" can view something in an entirely different light. We can undertake a project for those of you with very little data who want assistance. You’ll need to start by asking questions of older family members to get a jump start on names and vital info, e.g. birth, death, and marriage dates and locations. 
We are devoted to pleasing our customers, and will never undertake a project that we feel at the outset will not be rewarding in some manner. That is why we offer a free preliminary search to see if we honestly think we can be of assistance; being upfront and truthful is of paramount importance to us.

​We look forward to working with you!

Bob and Susan